Martin Fallaize – Rossborough
The B2B event this year had a better buzz about it and we had more quality enquiries than last year. We’ve had some great leads to follow up.

Larry Grainger – CGI
I thought this year’s B2B was an improvement on last year, and when I visited the event I signed up 3 new members to the CGI!

John Dodsworth – Printed
This was our first time at such an event and we met 5 new potential clients that we will be following up.

Sarah Levy – Via Synergy Digital Training
For a start-up company this type of event provides a networking opportunity to offer the type of training across all industries. It was perfect for me.

Gillian Mabbett – ITV
Many thanks for the opportunity to speak to your B2B event’s attendees. I had a number of Linked In requests after my talk and have had 6 potential me advertisers make contact.