Jersey Green Travel Day

22nd September

Jersey Green Travel Day

Green Travel Day in Jersey, is sponsored by The Channel Islands Co-operative Society and corresponds with World Carfree Day and is also part of European Mobility Week.

The object of the day is to reduce the number of cars on the road.Why? Less cars mean less congestion, less pollution and more exercise through our daily travel habits. Whenever possible, you are encouraged to:

  • walk
  • cycle
  • take a bus
  • car share

Commuters in and out of St Helier, in particular, are the group of travellers which has the most scope for change as alternative travel options are more readily available.

The day is all about raising awareness of the merit and availability of green travel options. Hopefully, having tried a different option, you’ll be encouraged to use that option again, maybe once a week.

The States have set a target of 15% peak hour traffic reduction by 2015. 15% fewer cars on the road means 50% less congestion.