Guernsey Homelife Show 2017

10th November 2017
Beau Sejour, St Peter Port, Guernsey

Guernsey Homelife Show 2017 – Tips on exhibiting

Exhibitions are unique because they bring the buyer to you.
Only exhibitions allow you to use all five senses to communicate your message.
Spending a little time and thought planning, prior to an exhibition, will pay big dividends when show time comes.
On average 80% of trade show visitors are personally involved in buying the products or services on show, and 29% never see a sales rep other than at an exhibition.

Are you really going to SELL?

There are many reason for attending an exhibition, think about what you want to achieve and prioritise.
New Business Leads
Build Profile
Change Perception
Product Launch
Product Testing
Media Exposure
Meet Serious Buyers
Market Research
Database Development
Key Account Development
“Fly the Flag”
Recruit Agents

So What Could Go Wrong?

No understanding of exhibitions
No understanding of visitors
Not having the right approach
Get side-tracked by “the fun of the fair”
Not working the event

Five Unbreakable Rules

Agree the budget – and stick to it!
One person has TOTAL AUTHORITY
Use project-planning techniques
Remember your reasons for exhibiting
Communicate to everyone involved

Some Brief Thoughts on Design
Exhibitions are about business

But they are also about “Industrial Theatre” and offering “experiences” to visitors.

Your Exhibition Stand

What does it say about
your company…..
your values…..
your people…..

Your Stand Layout

How many people?
Corporate colours
What’s on offer?
What limitations?
What storage?
What about services?
What do you want to do with visitors?
What about “experiences”?

Lots of comfy furniture encourages people to drop in and stay on your stand. Current customers may expect to monopolise your time. Unless this is your main reason for exhibiting, try to set aside specific times for customers in a hospitality area either on or off the stand.

Remember – You have just THREE Seconds to get your message across

Setting Real Objectives

Success = Objectives
“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”

Our Investment and Our Targets

We need to know our investment…
… to set some targets…
… to recoup the expense…
… and make the exhibition pay…
… to do it again…

Set Specific Targets

The tighter the goals, the better your chances are of achieving them.
Exhibitions are incredibly versatile, however, you need to focus on your most important goals.
Establishing specific, measurable goals prior to every exhibition is probably the single most important thing you can do.

Getting Visitors to Your Stand
Before the show opens…

Make the visitors want to see you.
Tell the world what you are up to.
The most successful companies, in terms of business generated, and leads collected, were the ones that took the trouble to mail their prospects and customers before the show.

Generate Maximum Business

Attract – Stop people in their tracks.
Use colour, motion, sound, bold graphics and benefit statements.
Reject – Politely filter out the wrong people.
Ask a few qualifying questions. “Do you purchase mowers for your club?”
If not, move on. “Then I won’t waste your time. Have a great show.”
Explain – Get straight to the benefits.
Run a short demonstration. Put your best case forward, and go for the close.
Appointment – Once they have agreed to meet, pass them onto someone who can set up the appointment so as not to waste the sales person’s time
If you can’t get the meeting, get their details for follow-up.

Processing Visitors Effectively
Time is NOT on your side

Pressure on your time
Pressure on your visitor’s time
Targets to hit
Attractions and interruptions

Think about obtaining “leads”

Are these “leads” or “names”?
What will “follow-up” achieve?
Does this comply with existing and new legislation?
The consequences?