Jersey Great Outdoors Show 2013

8-9th June 2013
Royal Jersey Showground, Trinity

The Great Outdoors Show 2013 – General Information

The first Great Outdoors Show, was held at the Royal Jersey Showground in Trinity on 8-9th June 2013. The show was a mix of previous years ‘Foire de Jersey’ and the JEP Outdoor Life Show, which was held in 2011.

The Great Outdoors Show, run in conjunction with the RJA&HS or ‘the society’ as it is often referred to, has been running shows since its foundation in 1833. More recently it organised the very popular ‘Foire de Jersey’ which originally started in 2002, as an extension of the Island spring cattle show, in celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The event proved popular with members, islanders and visitors attracting some 20,000 people to the Society’s showground in Trinity. The Foire was suspended in 2009 to allow for major improvement works at the showground to commence.

This show encompassed all aspects of the Great Outdoors – from the cattle and flower shows, to garden design, fly fishing, outdoor living to name but a few. The Genuine Jersey market also sold a wide range of products.

Other aspects of the Great Outdoors such as learning about domestic farm animals, canine demonstrations, Heavy Horses in Harness, Piantballing, Lazer Clayshooting, together with a wide range of traditional and extreme sports, hobbies and pastimes wqere showcased. The 2013 show promoted many products and services to make our leisure time easier.

Outdoor living is a major part of everyone’s lives here in Jersey – whether it’s stroll along the beach, gardening or something more extreme such as motorbiking, horse riding or kayaking and at the Great Outdoors Show there was something for everyone.

The Crossfit challenge was a great success!  Finding the fittest and strongest person in Jersey.  The winner won their weight in Liberation Ale!!