Do you need to hire Exhibition Equipment for your event?

We can arrange hire of versatile exhibition equipment which can be adapted for any event of any size.  The equipment is all held in Jersey so there are no transport costs involved and our trained stand-builders can create the shape and design to suit your requirements.

The smaller scale stands 1700h x 900w can be adapted to any configuration and are perfect for exhibitions, meetings, and small conferences.  The panels are so flexible they can form dividing walls, cubicles, zig zags or a V formation.

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Our larger “Shell Scheme” option is available for larger events and exhibitions.

  • The flexibility of the stands can accommodate any exhibition or room partition.
  • The white panels 2.3m high and 1m wide, and graphics can be attached using Velcro.
  • Each stand had a fascia and lighting and electrics can be provided.
  • .5m panels can be used as supports for long walls giving extra stability. 

Our photos show a Treasury department training day at the RJA, where the panels were used as walls to make break out areas.

Alternatively they can be configured into any size stand,  2m x 2m to 8m x 4m and bigger.

They can also be used as display boards, 2m x 2.5m high (with half metre returns) Or as a Pod for four exhibitors!